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Watch the Flying Focus Video Bus every Friday, 9:30 PM (Pacific Time), Ch. 11 Portland
(Comcast and CenturyLink Channels) and streaming at
---and online Mondays at 6:00 PM / Wednesdays at 11 PM (Pacific Time)

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The Flying Focus Video Collective, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3)educational organization, has been producing works since January, 1991.
Over 900 programs dealing with public policy issues have been cablecast and shown at occasional public screenings.
The succinct version of our mission statement: Activists using video as a tool for social change, voicing the voiceless.


    Have a comment or question? Text us at 503-321-5051!

    Looking for video on institutional racism and police accountability?
    Check out our short clips on multicultural issues
    and our full length shows on police issues.

    FFVC: 30 Years and Still Going Strong
    2021 marks 30 years since Flying Focus was founded. Check our 30th Anniversary page for information about special playbacks of all of our yearly retrospecitve shows from October 23-January 1 (2022)!
    It also has links to all 29 of our previous Busiversaries, which can be seen online any time.

    You can also find historical information about Flying Focus through the years, on our 25th anniversary page from 2016.

    Flying Focus was able to raise money from supporters and two grants from Mt Hood Cable Regulatory Commission toward computer editing, we continue to accept donations by mail or on line toward production.

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See our most recent streaming shows:
Police Shootings, Misconduct and Lawsuits
March for Justice System Reform and
Equity in Education
David Swanson:
Prevent, Don't Provoke, World War III
Equal Healthcare for All


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*Q: How can I get a printed copy of the Flying Focus catalog?
     A: Send $3.00 check or money order to our address, below, and note you want a catalog of available videos.
      (More titles appear on the website than the printed catalog due to space considerations.)

**Q: Why can't I order DVDs/tapes/USB drives directly from this website?
     A: The donation site we have chosen to use for our organization, Network for Good, does not allow donations
     for when you receive something of value in return for your donation.
     So please use a check or money order and the good ol' US Postal Service, and ask us for more information
     about the value of the DVDs/tapes/USB drives and your accountant about what is tax deductible.
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The Flying Focus Video Collective
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