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Flying Focus Program Guide

The Flying Focus Video Bus

is our weekly half-hour showcase of finished works and works in progress. The series is currently showing three times a week on Portland Community Media (formerly Portland Cable Access) and has been running since November, 1991. The Video Bus is indicated in the catalog by VB and then the Volume and Episode number. One part episodes are an $8 donation, while two-parters (one hour) are $11.

A quick guide to the approximate production dates:

Speakers and Events

Many Speakers & Events DVDs/tapes in this catalog run 60 minutes as seen on Flying Focus Inciteful Views, or as an independent program, and are available for a suggested $11. For programs longer than one hour, suggested donation is generally $14. Speakers & Events programs are designated as SE and then the program number. This on-again, off-again series has been running on cable since March, 1991.

ZMI #1

Programs taped during lectures at the Z Magazine Media Institute at Woods Hole, MA in June 1994 include Barbara Ehrenreich, Lydia Sargent, and Noam Chomsky. This series ran in Portland from October to December 1994 and is marked with ZMI#1. and then the episode number. Suggested donation ranges from $11 to $14 depending on the program.

ZMI #2

The second great season from Z Magazine Media Institute these shows were taped in June 1995. Noam Chomsky returns, accompanied by Holly Sklar, Ron Daniels, and others. Shown in Portland in the late Fall of 1995, the donations are similar to ZMI#1, except it's in the catalog as ZMI#2. and the episode number (note: second season.)

Peace Action Network

Our earliest programs, Peace Action Network (PAN) ran from January until June of 1991. Shows are approximately one hour long, and feature magazine style formats with news, Street Bytes, a feature story, and more. An $11 donation is requested.

Che's Lounge/"P" is for Perception

These shows run approximately one hour each and feature a mix of studio interviews and field footage. The series lasted from July-October, 1991, and we request an $11 donation per episode. They are listed in the catalog as CL and then the episode number.
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