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Wish List

Below is a short list of items we hope you can (and will) donate to Flying Focus, including volunteer time.
  • More volunteers
    (especially those who are certified to edit at Open Signal/Portland Community Media)
  • Mini-DV camcorder with external microphone & headphone jacks
  • New DV-CAM, mini-DV, and D-9 videotapes (to archive our shows, edit, and collect footage)
  • DVD-R and DVD-RAM blanks (to fill DVD orders and archive our shows)
  • HP Laserjet 4M, 4N, 5M or 5N (to be compatible with our computer network)
  • First Class postage stamps
  • Padded mailing envelopes--7-1/4"x12" (Size #1)
  • Monetary donations of any size, check/money order or bags of cash gratefully accepted
Please contact us if you have other items you think we might be able to use.


Previous wish list items we've obtained:
  • A Macintosh tower with an Intel chip [Specifically a Mac Pro Tower 3,1] (to upload and edit videos)
    (acquired 1/13)
  • D-9 (digital S) video deck (to be compatible with cable access' equipment)
    (acquired 11/12)
  • Mini-DV video deck
    (acquired 7/08)
  • VHS tapes

Posted September 22, 2006; last updated January 18, 2019

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