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Flying Focus Lending Libraries

Portland area supporters:

Want to show a video to your class?

Want to hold a House Party (inviting friends over and discussing some public policy issues)?

Don't know if you want to own a copy of one of our programs? Borrow it!

Check out the Flying Focus Lending Library program (pun intended).

July 2018: FFVC Lending Library Temporarily Houseless

On June 30, 2018 In Other Words community space shut down, leaving Flying Focus without a lending library space for the first time since 1994 (!). If you can help us find a new location to house our DVDs so people can borrow them, let us know.

In the meantime, help us promote the shows we have streaming online by downloading, printing out and posting this flyer of available shows last updated in February, 2023.


Download and print
this flyer about our
available streaming shows

Shows are available to put into a lending library as of September, 2015.

Sponsor a tape or DVD! If you enjoy a program you order, but don't want to keep it,
then send it back to us and we'll put in in the lending library.
Your generosity will allow others access to materials
they might not otherwise be exposed to.

Available Videos:

Multicultural Issues/Restorative Listening Project
  • Nathan McCall: The Effects of Gentrification (RLP #1) (DVD) [--clip--]
     • Porches and Smiles (RLP #2) (DVD) [--clip--]
        • Real Questions (RLP #3) (DVD) [--clip--]
          • Development of Gentrification in N/NE Portland (RLP #4) (DVD)
           • Turning Point (RLP #5) (DVD) [--clip--]

  • The "Anarchist" "Riot"
     • The Total Radio Guy
        • Noam Chomsky: The Media & Democracy
  • Remembering Nixon Parts I & II
     • Interview with Marlon Riggs
        • Being Critical of Mass Media: Critical Mass II

Foreign Affairs
  • People's Victory: U.S. Releases Confiscated Video of Iraq
     • Islands in the Video Stream: Haiti, Cuba, & the US Media
       • Dedicated to the Women of Former Yugoslavia
  • Alan Nairn: Genocide in East Timor
     • Cuba Si, Bloqueo No!
       • Nosotros Somos Marcos! (We are all Marcos!)

Urban Concerns
  • Peter Newman: Cities & Auto Dependence

Police Accountability
  • When Police Kill: 3 Parents Speak Out

Civil Rights
• Minority Profiling 101 (DVD) [--clip--]
  • Convicted in the Womb (DVD)
  • Portland Black Panthers and the Media (DVD) [--clip--]
   • David Hilliard and the Black Panthers (DVD) [--clip--]
    • Portland Citizens Protest Terrorism

The Economy
  • Protest in Seattle: Resisting the WTO

Indigenous Peoples
  • Howard Zinn: 1492-1992, Reclaiming the People's History

Systems of Government
  • Michael Parenti: Democracy, State Power & the Myth of Capitalism Triumphant (DVD)
     • Noam Chomsky: Class War: Global Exploitation and the Grassroots Response

Feminist Issues
  • Witness This
     • The Clothesline Project

War and Peace
  • Risks of War Tax Resistance
     • Barbara Ehrenreich: War & Society

Environmental Justice
  •Solar Powered Boy
     • Clayoquot Sound not Clearcut Sound!
       • Forest Conference Rally

Animal Rights
  • The Elephant in the Room (DVD)
  • Vegan Cooking

Organizing for Change
  • Prison Art Changes Lives (DVD)

  • Rating the Protests

Key to icons:
-Title available on DVD
[--clip--]-See a clip from the show

Lending Library Locations

In Other Words
Location closed; was open 2012-June 2018

Laughing Horse Books
Location closed; was open 1994-September 2014

Black Rose Collective Bookstore
Location closed; was open February 2006-January 2012

Small A Projects art gallery
Location closed; was open August 2006-August 2008

Underground Video
closed for rentals 12/21/05
Oregon Peace Institute
Closed in 2004

Liberation Collective
closed 11/30/01

Minimal handling fees may be applicable at each location. Not all tapes are available at all locations.
Please call to check availability.

Page updated 6/19/23

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