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Flying Focus Lending Libraries

Portland area supporters:

Want to show a video to your class?

Want to hold a House Party (inviting friends over and discussing some public policy issues)?

Don't know if you want to own a copy of one of our programs? Borrow it!

Check out the Flying Focus Lending Library program (pun intended).
Shows are available as of September, 2015.

Currently available in one location in Portland, OR.

In Other Words has had Flying Focus videos since Oct 2012 at 14 NE Killingsworth.

Sponsor a tape or DVD! If you enjoy a program you order, but don't want to keep it,
then send it back to us and we'll put in in the lending library.
Your generosity will allow others access to materials
they might not otherwise be exposed to.

Available Videos:

Multicultural Issues/Restorative Listening Project
 •Nathan McCall: The Effects of Gentrification (RLP #1) (DVD) [--clip--]
    •Porches and Smiles (RLP #2) (DVD) [--clip--]
       •Real Questions (RLP #3) (DVD) [--clip--]