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Starting October 2011:

Donate On Line
through Network for Good

(Credit card or Paypal may be required, read more on the donate on line page )

Of course, you may also send donations of any size by check or money order to us at the address below

The donation site we have chosen to use for our organization, Network for Good, does not allow donations for when you receive something of value in return for your donation. So please use a check or money order and the good ol' US Postal Service when ordering programs, and ask us for more information about the value of the DVDs/tapes and your accountant about what is tax deductible.

In August 2012, we launched an on-line Computer Campaign to raise $2000 toward purchasing a refurbished Macintosh Intel tower. We are so grateful to the people who responded, donating a respectable $875 toward that goal. In early January, we used these funds to purchase the Mac Pro Tower we sought! We still need a bit more money to pay for peripherals such as hard drives, connectors, etc. to integrate the computer into our existing system. We are continuing to accept donations by mail or on line .

Flying Focus has produced the vast majority of its over 800 programs at Portland Community Media with equipment available to anyone in the public, using digital video tape. With technological advances moving toward digital files and editing, we found it more difficult to keep up with technology. The release of a version of the Flash animation pro